It’s after 1 am. I’ve been home for about an hour. I went with Emily and Bill to meet her Aunt Pat for dinner in Atlantic City. The subject of blogging came up, and I commented that my primary network of support and conversation comes from the Catholics I know on the internet. Emily still thinks I am too sensitive about how others view my Catholicism. She repeated that view tonight. She also said that it’s no wonder that my Protestant friends and family don’t talk to me often–“being Catholic is all you talk about.” She did not say it in an unkind manner–it was a matter of fact observation. I suppose in a way it was a compliment, although she didn’t mean it that way. Let’s face it, you will talk about whatever is most important to you. Part of my struggle right now is my strong desire to learn as much about the Tridentine Rite as I can. There aren’t people in my immediate circle who can help me with that. I realize that I do not have a complete catechism. The Liturgical Calendar is completely different from the Novus Ordo, the rubrics of the Mass are different, and the approach to spirituality is different. It’s like I need RCIA all over again. I’ve been thinking about contacting the pastor of Mater Ecclesiae, the Tridentine Rite church which is only about 25 miles from my house. If I’m going to make the leap from Novus Ordo to the Latin Mass, I must find a way to grow spiritually within that Rite. Since my Confirmation in 2004, I have spent much time learning as much as I can about what the Church teaches, the Saints, the history of the Church, shrines, Feast Days, etc.. I listen intently to the homilies, and watch how the Mass unfolds week after week. The Catholic Church is like a mansion with hundreds of rooms, and I am exploring them one by one. I wonder how to go about obtaining the knowledge I desire to fully understand the pre-Vatican II Church? I need a Tridentine spiritual director.

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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