Someone had the foresight to record the consecration of the St Francis de Sales Latin Rite Church in Atlanta, GA. The entire process was described, photographs taken, and all of the prayers and ceremonies written out. Everyone who loves the Latin Mass needs to check this one out. Many thanks to Matthew and Adam for guiding me to the xanga site on which their photograph is displayed. Following the link to the church led me to the link on the church’s web page to see this magnficent ceremony. I must admit that I am having the time of my life exploring the beauty and majesty of the Mass of the Saints. Matthew asked me if I am aware that Angelus Press is the publisher of SSPX. Yes, I know it is. I found Angelus Press via a link on the SSPX web page. I pray fervently for the restoration of SSPX in full union with Rome. If not for the courage of the SSPX, we might not have access to the Tridentine Mass today. The Scriptures consistently exhort us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Surely we ought to pray for the peace of Rome as well. Go visit the link and drink deeply from the well.

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