Today’s news from the Vatican included the topics of discussion currently before the College of Cardinals. One of the topics was the resolution of the SSPX. It seems as if the need for canonical establishment of the Latin Mass is being seriously considered. It is ridiculous that the Mass is in an ‘indult’ status, as if there is something inherently inferior about it. I find myself increasingly saddened when I contemplate the state of the Church. I had a discussion after Thursday’s evening Mass with a man who has reconciled with the church following years of being a non praticing Catholic. He goes to another parish, but attends our evening Masses during the week. He told me how happy he is that the Mass is no longer in Latin; he can’t understand why I want to learn Latin. Also, he talked about how mean the nuns were. He is divorced–his wife left him and got remarried. He cannot understand why he needs an annulment if he wishes to remarry. His priest told him that there was no explanation that would satisfy him, and to just ‘go with the flow’. I was so upset–a chance to catechise one who has come home, and all this man heard was ‘go with the flow’. I wonder if the priest himself understands?

This morning I was praying for the reconciliation of SSPX and the Vatican. Our leaders are fallible men, and are prone, as men are, to be territorial. Men who are strong leaders dislike having to admit they might be wrong, or yield anything to another. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a fair bit of pride on both sides, which keeps the conversation from making process. Meanwhile the Church is holding her breath, hurting from the damage, praying that someone somewhere will somehow move in the right direction.

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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