Here’s an interesting quote from Archbishop William Levada (San Francisco) “In today’s season of cultural relativism and religious pluralism, the number of non-baptized babies is increasing considerably.”

Okay. Now, based on this fact, the assumption is flying around that the Church is going to ‘drop’ the teaching of Limbo. Since when does the truth depend on what society is doing? Truth is objective. Truth is applicable to all men in all places and at all times. There are Protestant churches which ordain women. The numbers are increasing. Does that mean the Church ought to do the same, since the number of priests has declined alarmingly? Does the Church guide society, or does society guide the Church?

The other issue which does not go away is the doctrine of Extra Ecclesium Nulla Savation Est. I’ve been working my brain by reading the various Council documents in Denzinger. I can’t find anything so far that contradicts this teaching. The possibility of salvation for those who are not Catholic always ends with the assumption that such persons repent and are joined to the Church prior to death. I’ll post more on this later. I am still digesting it all.

Where is the announcement of the indult for the Latin Mass? That’s what I am looking for day after day!

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