I caught a rerun of a Life On The Rock program featuring Mike Sweeney. He is a member of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Sweeney recounted his personal deep conversion at his pre-Confirmation retreat. His priest asked Sweeney what Jesus meant to him personally. Sweeney gave a very evangelical Protestant description of what happened next. He stated that he asked Jesus into his heart to be his personal Lord and Saviour. Sweeney knows his Bible front and back. It was so interesting to see a Catholic experiencing the fullness of the Catholic faith in an extrovated manner. I don’t see that too often. Sweeney describes how receiving Christ in the Eucharist at each Mass renews that conversion he experienced as a youth, and how much the Sacraments allow him to keep living out the Catholic faith. A question via email was presented to him to answer; it was the exact question that I had been formulating in my mind. How does Sweeney handle his evangelizing of the Protestants in his life? Does he find it challenging. At that point, Sweeney said something that made my jaw drop. Sweeney said that he desires to break down the division of denomination, lock arms with all of his Christian brothers and sisters, and be warriors together for Christ. I was stunned. Here is a man who beautifully articulates why the Catholic Church, with Her sacraments and Biblical teachings can result in a life of fulfillment and service to Jesus, yet fails to see the need to impart that reality to his Protestant friends. Sometimes I really wonder how a Catholic can keep quiet about such things as the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Liturgy of the Mass, etc.. Protestants do not have the fullness of what Christ instituted. To call that situation merely a denominational wall to be dismissed as divisive, and to rally around only the portion of the faith that the Protestants have was disappointing to me. I am often accused of being too militant in my Catholicism. I am a convert from Protestantism, and I am so grateful for having found the truth of the Catholic faith. I believe that Protestants are being shortchanged because they do not have access to the Sacraments that Catholics do. The Protestants are very aggressive in evangelizing Catholics–why is it that Catholics do not attempt to evangelize Protestants?

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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