Creating Disciples

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I was in college in the mid-70s when an extreme discipleship program reached out and touched me.

It was the Shepherding Movement that began with a group of six prominent Charismatic pastors. These pastors developed a system of accountability that spread throughout the charismatic movement. It was built on a covenant of submission so complete that shepherds even dictated decisions on personal matters such as marriage. The leading pastors shepherded individuals, who then shepherded others, who shepherded others in a pyramid of authority resembling a multilevel marketing program.

I was surprised when one of my fellow college students tried to recruit me into an accountability relationship with him as my shepherd. I declined.

Creating Disciples

The Problem with Many Discipleship Programs

The Shepherding Movement was very extreme, but other discipleship programs have similar deficiencies. As part of evangelism, discipleship is supposed to bring a new believer to spiritual maturity, but much of…

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  1. Thanks Sheila. I am glad you found it useful!


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