On Parenting

I wanted to pause here.  I think it is a good place to do so.  I want everyone to know that I love my parents dearly.  I’m thankful that they are my parents.  As I continue my story on leaving the theology of Fundamentalism, I don’t want anyone  to think that my parents were/are bad people.  Being frustrated with some of their beliefs does not mean that they were not excellent parents.

I watch “The O’Reilly Factor” sometimes.  Last night O’Reilly had an interesting conversation with Adam Carolla, a comedien/author/social analyst in California.  He is in Hollywood, and he has a radio program and a podcast.  Apparently Carolla made some comments about the responsibilities that parents incur when they have children.  Carolla made the point that parents need to be there for their children, support them financially, and be involved in their children’s lives.  For that, Carolla has been castigated by a contingent of “far left” ideologues.  They suggest that Carolla is being unfair and judgmental towards parents who do not take care of their own children.

What is important to know about Carolla is that he was raised by, in his words, a mom who was content not to work while collecting welfare.  He did not have the intact home he now espouses.  He knows what it’s like to lack good parenting in the home.

My parents had a total of six children.  My father worked two jobs when necessary, to feed and clothe us.  My mom took a part time job outside the home.  They made sure we did our homework.  We had chores to do.  And, we vacationed together, worshiped together, and were taught right from wrong.  In addition, the moms on the block knew who we were.  We knew that if we misbehaved in public, while out playing, one mom would just about always rat us out.  We shared our values with our playmates, and our social fabric was strong.

I just wanted to get all of that out of the way before I continue.  I hope you follow along with me.

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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