Good bye, Dad

My father passed away yesterday, which means at some point I will resume my writing here.  As his health declined, I experienced a wide range of emotions, and much confusion. Now it is all in the past and I believe I will be able to put things more into perspective.

RIP, Dad.  I love you.

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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6 Responses to Good bye, Dad

  1. Shelia – we spoke a couple of times on Marc’s blog last year – I’m a universalist Christian. I liked your posts (I think you are a nurse and a liberal Catholic). Just came upon this thread and I hold you, your Dad, and your family in the Light.


    • sheila0405 says:

      I am a LPN by trade, although I have been on total disability for a couple of years. I started off as a true conservative Catholic, and, you are correct–I’m now a liberal Catholic. I’ve dropped the idea of an eternal physical place called ‘hell’, and believe everyone has a chance to advance the Kingdom of God. If not now, then in the hereafter, where I think there is still hope for the wayward soul. I have been completely changed by my dad’s death. If I ever get disciplined, it will reflect on this blog! Thanks for your kind words.


      • Hope for empty hell teaching is really gaining ground in the Catholic Church now. Your Dad is in good hands journeying into God as we all are but just in a different way now – and all manner of things shall be well 🙂 Well if you get disciplined that happens to all the best people – including many a saint 🙂


  2. sheila0405 says:

    I believe that my Dad can now talk to God/Jesus on our behalf, so there’s that comfort, too. I believe that those who remain alive on the other side can help us.


    • jesuswithoutbaggage says:

      This is a comfort. I am sure your Father is happy and has already learned so much that is hidden to us.


  3. jesuswithoutbaggage says:

    Sheila, I am so sorry about your Dad. My dad died a couple years ago and I miss him so much. I pray that you will come to find comfort and peace after this great loss.


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