Are Sins Primarily Sins against God?

Wow, this one is so good that I’m reblogging! I agree that “sin” is what we do to each other.

Jesus Without Baggage

Some believers think all sins are primarily sins against God. Stephen Witmer makes that very statement:

All sin is primarily sin against God.

Where sin is understood as merely a moral concept rather than mainly a religious one, where it is seen primarily as a person-to-person problem rather than as primarily ‘theocentric,’ motivation for fighting sin is decreased and confusion about the character of God is increased.

I cannot agree with the assumption that sin is primarily sin against God. Nor can I agree that understanding sin as a person-to-person problem decreases motivation for fighting sin or increases confusion about the character of God.

Offenses against others are offenses against the Father in one sense: the Father does not wish us to experience this pain and alienation; he does not want people to be hurt. But he cares equally for the offended and the offender. So, absent our offenses against…

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