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The Bible is not Magically Inerrant: Exposing Inerrancy Proof-Texts

Originally posted on Jesus Without Baggage:
Inerrancy is perhaps the most obvious example of what the Bible is NOT, and I have written about it many times. But today I approach it from a different angle by examining common inerrancy…

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I haven’t finished my family history, and I haven’t been personally blogging because I didn’t finish my family history.  So much happened in the middle of putting my history into words on this blog.  It was difficult to continue it … Continue reading

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How Important are ‘Correct Beliefs’ to God?

Originally posted on Jesus Without Baggage:
Many believers think people who claim to be Christian but stray too far from ‘correct beliefs’ are not Christian at all. And the corollary is that they are going to hell—just for not getting…

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