Like over nineteen million other people, I watched the Comey hearings with keen interest.  The purpose of the hearing was to hear Jim Comey, under oath, to verify the content of the memos and opening statement he released ahead of the actual hearing.  I was quite taken aback when Comey admitted that he had released the content of his memos in order to have a special prosecutor assigned.  My own interpretation of what Comey stated was this: Comey was so concerned that the counter-terrorism investigation would end, he thought his action was the only way he could preserve the integrity of that investigation.

Of course, the media focused more on whether or not there was obstruction of justice involved in Comey’s firing.  What I thought the main issue turned out to be, is that Russia is a real threat to our democracy.

As for President Trump himself, I kept hearing about his lack of government experience.  I am weary of hearing that excuse being used as a cover for President Trump.  After all, Donald Trump annouced his candidacy in that infamous news conference at Trump Tower in June of 2015.  He had more than a year to get prepared for the most important job in the world.  Instead of educating himself, Mr. Trump chose to revel in his lack of engagement with politics in general, and the requirements of the Presidency in particular.

Does this bother anyone else? If I were to run for any elected office, I would learn what requirements were necessary to fulfill my duties if I were to be elected.  Perhaps Mr. Trump did not believe that he could win both the primaries and the general election.  Surely, after becoming the GOP Presidential nominee, Mr. Trump ought to have taken the Presidency seriously and looked for people who could review the Constitutional requirements and restraints on the President.  Lessons on the separation of powers should have been a priority.

Instead, we have a man who treats the Presidency as a business with him being the CEO.  President Trump and his supporters still seem to revel in stating his inexperience.  We need only look at the diplomatic crisis in the Middle East as it pertains to Qatar to understand why having a neophyte in office is dangerous.

What has our nation accomplished in electing a person so unprepared for the office of the President of the United States?  What does it say about us when the opposing candidate was unprepared for running a campaign of substance against Donald Trump?

Both of our political parties have failed the citizens of the United States.  It is important to listen closely to what President Trump says, to examine carefully what he does, and hold him accountable.  That so many of his supporters do not use critical thinking skills with our President is disheartening to me.

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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  1. jesuswithoutbaggage says:

    Sheila, I agree. Beside the point that I disagree with so many of his policy positions, he is uninformed, unprepared, and unskilled for this position. And he refuses to correct those problems.

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