Joe Isuzu was likely the first time lies were deliberately told in order to sell a product.  What I mean is that the lies were told about the product in order to sell it.  In this case, it was cars.

I have been thinking about the Evangelicals, specifically the leaders within Evangelicalism, who have been eager to give President Trump a “mulligan” when it comes to previous behavior.  If the Access Hollywood tape did not bring Mr. Trump down, then nothing can, it would seem.

It is true that the hush money scandal seems to be just such an example.  The alleged affairs supposedly took place more than a decade ago.  Evangelicals say that Mr. Trump has changed, he’s a new Christian, we must give him time to grow into his faith, etc., etc..

I am puzzled by the mulligan Mr. Trump continues to get by these leaders when it comes to lying.  Most Evangelicals I know (my family is filled with them) believe that each sin is equal in the eyes of God.  A person can easily be forgiven for the most heinous behavior because none of us is perfect in the eyes of God, and even “small” sins deserve equal punishment.  I heard Jerry Falwell, Jr. on CNN state that if Mr. Trump commits immoral behavior while in office, the mulligan will not be offered.

So, again–what about the lying?  During his candidacy, Mr. Trump stated that he had no business with Russians.  Later it was revealed Mr. Trump was seeking to build a Trump tower in Moscow not only during the campaign, but into the transition.  He lied about knowing hush money was paid by his former attorney.  He tweets false conspiracy stories frequently.  He lied when he said no one from his campaign had meetings with Russians.

Then there are the constant personal attacks he launches against his political enemies on Twitter.  He attacks private citizens.  I thought there was something in the New Testament about airing one’s grievances one on one first.  The New Testament also commands Christians to be tender-hearted and forgiving.  That kind of grace eludes our President, too.

So, whatever happened to Joe Isuzu?  He was elected to the Presidency in 2016, apparently.  The Evangelicals continue to look the other way.  I wonder if they realize just how much damage they have done to their brand.  Or, if they even care about it.

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Moved out of theism into atheism on January 1, 2016.
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